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The Producers (3) 알겠습니다

#Drama Lines l 2019-07-22

Expression of the Week

Ra Jun-mo:  나 국장님이랑 회의 있어서 갔다올 테니까 뭐라도 좀 해봐들, 응?

I have a meeting with Mr. Jang, so do something while I’m gone, okay?

All : 네, 알겠습니다.

We will. 

Ryu Il-yong: 막내야. 너무 기죽지 말고, 응?

우리 테이프 재활용해야 되거든 복도 끝방 가면 있으니까 해남편만 다 지워서 가져와. 

Seung-chan, don’t be too hard on yourself, okay?

We have to reuse the tapes. They’re in the room at the end of the hall. Just clear the one with the Haenam episode and bring it back. 

백승찬:아, 알겠습니다

Ah, yes sir.  

알겠습니다. (Yes sir)

알다 – v. to understand, know, see, follow, appreciate, (informal) get, make out 

Casual – 알겠어

Semi-polite – 알겠어요

Polite – 알겠습니다

>>알겠습니다 is a polite way of telling someone that you have understood what they said and will follow their direction

>>In the dialogue, Ryu Il-yong is giving the youngest producer in the team (Seung-chan) directions to bring back a tape after erasing the contents. Seung-chan responds by saying 알겠습니다 showing Il-yong he has understood the directions and will follow them. 

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