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The Producers (4) 그만하자

#Drama Lines l 2019-07-29

Expression of the Week

Cindy: 읽어봐. 귀척하기는 그 다음에?

거르지 말고.

Read it. What’s after “she’s acting all cute?”

Don’t leave anything out. 

Manager:혼자 하면 돈 될 것 같냐. 넌 이제 신디가 아니라 돈디야.

“Do you think you’ll make money if you work alone? You’re not Cindy, you’re Money-D.”



Manager:그만하자, 내가 힘들어서 그래.

Let’s stop. It’s hard on me. 


Hard on you?


Of course.

그만하자 (Let’s stop)

그만하다 – to quit or to stop what one has been doing

Casual – 그만하자

Semi-polite – 그만해요

Polite – 그만 합시다 

>>그만하다 is a verb that means to quit or stop. For example “공부를 그만하다” means to “stop studying”. 

>>In the dialogue, the manager is actually pleading with Cindy to stop making him read the nasty comments that people have written about her online by saying “그만하자” which means “let’s stop (reading those comments)”.  

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