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The Producers (6) 필름이 잘 끊겨

#Drama Lines l 2019-08-12

Expression of the Week

Tak Ye-jin:이건 오늘치 결제가 아니야. 선불이야.

This isn’t the payment for today. It’s an advance payment. 

Baek Seung-chan:예?


Tak:내가 너한테 그 어떤 특수한 임무를 줄 거거든.

I’m going to give you a special mission.


What kind of mission?

Tak:네가 들은 걸 준모도 들었는지 그걸 알아내는 뭐 그런 특수한 임무랄까?

You’re going to find out if Jun-mo heard what you heard, too. That’s your special mission.  

Tak:네. 그러니까 어제 선배님이 술이 취해서 거짓말을 좀 했는데 그걸 준모 선배님이 기억을 하나 못하나 알아내야 한다는 말씀이시죠?

I see. So you’re saying you want me to find out if Jun-mo remembers the lies you told when you were drunk last night. 

Tak:뭐... 사고 조사 쯤으로 해 두자. 

Well, let’s just say it’s an accident investigation.

Baek: 제가 보기에는 준모 선배님 어제 많이 취하셨습니다.

I think Jun-mo was really drunk yesterday. 

Tak:응, 알아. 걔가 취하면 필름이 잘 끊겨. 

I know, he usually blacks out when he gets really drunk.

필름이 잘 끊겨 ((he) usually blacks out) 

필름 – film

잘 – well 

끊기다 – to be stopped, disconnected, cancelled or broken/cut off

Casual – 필름이 잘 끊겨

Semi-polite – 필름이 잘 끊겨요

Polite – 필름이 잘 끊깁니다 

>>This expression literally means that the film has been cut off (or stopped) but the expression is used to describe a situation when you’ve had too much to drink and you don’t remember what happened the next day. 

>>Another way you can use “끊기다” is when you are describing a situation when the electricity or gas has been cut off or disconnected

           e.g. 전기가 어제 끊겼어 – The electricity was disconnected yesterday 

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