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The Producers (10) 있잖아

#Drama Lines l 2019-09-09

Expression of the Week

Tak Ye-jin:아, 맞다. 신디, 있잖아.

내가 자기한테 연락하려고 그랬는데. 지난번에 그... 

방송에서 나한테 고맙다고 멘트해 준 거 

그거 신디 팬들이 아주 난리야. 나한테 사탕을 보내구 막…

Oh yeah, Cindy. I’ve been meaning to contact you. Remember last time when you thanked me on the show. Your fans are responding like crazy sending me candy…

Cindy: 네


Tak Ye-jin:아, 있잖아. 그런데 그...

소감 그 맨 나중에 우산이 되어줘서 고마운 사람? 

그게 누구야?

You know, that…

You mentioned a person you are thankful for being your umbrella? Who is it? 

있잖아 (you know…)

있다 – v. to exist or to be, but can also mean to have

+잖아 – does not have a direct translation in English, but when added to verbs, adjectives,  ~이다 etc. it creates a meaning that loosely translates to “as you know/you know/don’t forget that”

Casual – 있잖아

Semi-polite – 있잖아요 

>>있잖아 is a sentence-initial conversational starter, or filler that is commonly used when you have a question to ask, but are hesitating when asking. 

>>It is used to mean “you know (what)” or “guess what” and some similar expressions are “있지”, “저기 말이야”, “저기”, “그거 알아?” and “근데”, “근데 말이야” etc.

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