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Cheer UP! (7) 잘났어

#Drama Lines l 2019-11-18

Expression of the Week

Jae-young: 진짜? 너 그럼 시험은 어떻게 되는 거야?

Really? What about your test? 

Tae-pyong: 대체 시험 보는 건가?

Will you take an alternative test? 

Ha-jun:당연히봐야지, 억울하게 시험도 못 봤는데.

Of course. It wasn’t my fault I couldn’t take it. 

Na-yeon:아, 김열시험 봐서 1등 탈환하면 나 등수 내려가겠네.

Ah, if Kim Yeol takes the test and ranks 1st place, my ranking will fall. 


안 그래도 긴장하는 사람들 많을 텐데 내가 좀 살살 볼까?

뭐 전교 1등 지겹기도 하고.

What should I do? I’m so sorry. 

I’m sure there will be a lot of people getting nervous so should I just slack off?

I’m kind of tired of ranking 1st all the time. 

Na-yeon: 어, 잘났다잘났어.

You’re such a show off. Show off.

잘났어 (you’re such a) show off

잘 – well; skillfully; carefully, closely, attentively; property; fully, thoroughly

나다 – to grow, sprout; happen, break out; occur (to), cross one’s mind 

Casual – 잘났어

Semi-polite – 잘났어요 

>>’잘나다’ can literally mean that someone (or something) is better, more distinguished, smarter than another. 

>>However, the expressed is used more in a sarcastic manner, to tell someone that they are a show-off, or think that they are better than others. Another way this expression is used is “잘난 척하다” with “척” meaning to “pretend to do something”. In other words, “잘난 하는 사람” means a person who “pretends to be all that” or a “show off”. 

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