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Cheer UP! (8) 애쓰셨네요

#Drama Lines l 2019-11-25

Expression of the Week

Yeol: 애쓰셨네요. 

You worked hard. 

Byeong-jae:네가 원하면 최선을 다할 생각이다, 이 소송.

If you want it, I plan on doing my best on this case. 

Yeol:그때 학교에서 했던 말과는 영 다르시네요.

What you’re saying is completely different from what you said at school last time. 

Byeong-jae:미안하다. 이 말부터 했어야 됐는데, 너 믿는다고.

I’m sorry. I should have said this first. That I trust you. 

애쓰셨네요 (You worked hard)

애쓰다 – try hard; to make a great effort to achieve something

Casual – 애썼어

Semi-polite – 애쓰셨네요

Polite – 애쓰셨습니다

>>[애쓰다] is an expression that literally means “to work hard to achieve something”, but it is often used as another way to say “thank you” to someone for their great effort as shown in the dialogue. 

>>A similar expression to express “thank you” for someone’s efforts is [고생하다] which literally means “to go through a hardship”. When used in a similar context, it means “thank you for your efforts”. 

E.g 여기까지 오느라 고생하셨어요. à Thank you for coming all the way here.

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