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Cheer UP! (10) 먼저 가

#Drama Lines l 2019-12-09

Expression of the Week

Soo-ah:오늘 진짜고마웠어.

너 덕분에 나도 갖고 갈 추억이 생긴 것 같다.  

Thanks for today. 

I think I have a memory to take back with me thank to you.   

Dong-jae:너 어디 가? 기숙사로 안 가? 

Where are you going? Aren’t you going back to the dorms?

Soo-ah:음. 어디... 잠깐들렀다가려고. 너먼저 가

Um… I have to go somewhere first. You go ahead.

먼저 가 (go ahead)

먼저 – earlier, first, ahead (being or happening before something else in time or order)

가다 – to go 

Casual – 먼저 가

Polite – 먼저 가세요

>>[먼저 가] is an expression that is used to tell the other person to go ahead or go first. 

>>[먼저] is an adverb that is used to describe something being or happening before something else in time or order while [가] is the casual imperative form of the verb to go. 

>> Other ways this expression can be applied is by using different verbs after [먼저]. 

e.g. 저녁 먼저 먹어 à Go ahead and eat dinner first. 

먼저 전화 끊어 à You hang up first.  

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