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Cheer UP! (12) 걱정 마

#Drama Lines l 2019-12-23

Expression of the Week

Soo-ah’s Mom:걱정 마. 엄마가 그렇게 쉽게 무너질 사람으로 보이니?

Don’t worry. Do you think your mom will just give in so easily? 

Soo-ah:아 그렇지만 여론도 너무 안 좋고 교육청 감사 결과도 안 좋다고 들었어요.

But there’s negative public opinion and I heard that the ninspection at the education office wasn’t good either. 

Soo-ah’s Mom:엄마가 다 알아서 할 테니까 넌 아무걱정 하지마.

I’ll take care of everything so you don’t need to worry. 

걱정 마 (Don’t worry)

걱정하다 – v. worry; be worried; be concerned

말다 – v. stop; choose not to; not do; not be

Casual – 걱정 마

Semi-polite – 걱정 마세요

Polite – 염려 마세요 

>>[걱정 마] is like a shorter version of [걱정하지 마] which is the imperative form telling the hearer not to worry. 

>>When telling someone who is older not to worry, you can say [걱정하지 마세요] or [염려마세요] which uses the verb 염려하다 which also means to be concerned or worried. 

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