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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (2) 입어보세요

#Drama Lines l 2020-01-13


Sharon:준비됐으면 가져와요. 아, 저기 왔네요. 

이 디자인 맞죠? 입어보세요.

If it’s ready bring it in. Ah, there it is. 

This is the right design? Try it on.  

Hae-ra:말도 안 돼. 말도 안돼요. 제가 14살에 맞춘 건데. 

This makes no sense. I had this made when I was 14.

Sharon:보이는 게 다가 아니고, 내가 아는 게 전부가 아니잖아요. 자~

Not everything is as it seems, and not everything is as I know. 

Expression of the Week

입어보세요 (Try it on)

입다 – v. to wear; be dressed; put on; to hang or drape clothes on or around one’s body

입어보다 – v. to try something on (as in clothes)

Polite – 입어보세요  

>>[입다] is the verb “to wear” but it can also be used to mean “to suffer or sustain” as in to experience something bad, such as a loss, injury or “to receive or get” as in to be favored with or benefit by something. 

e.g. 부상을 입다 à to sustain an injury

은혜를 입다 à to be indebted to ~

>>The expression used in the dialogue [입어보다] is specially used for clothes and means “to try on”. 

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