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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (4) 뻔하네요

#Drama Lines l 2020-01-27


Kim Young-mi:제 샵이에요.

소문 듣고 오셨나 보다. 아니면 기사 보고 오셨어요?

This is my shop.

You must have heard about it. Or, did you see the news?

Sharon:옷들이 좀 뻔하네요.

The designs are really predictable. Nothing new. 

Young-mi:아이뭐, 세계적인 디자이너들 이어가지고 배가 불러서 그랬을까요? 

그래도 제가 보기엔 시크하기만 한데. 편하게 구경하세요.

Oh. Well, they’re world famous designers. Maybe they’ve had enough. They look chic to me. Take your time and look around. 

Expression of the Week

뻔하네요 (predictable)

뻔하다 – evident, palpable, plain

Casual – 걱정 마

Semi-polite – 걱정 마세요

Polite – 염려 마세요 

>>[뻔하다] most often means something that is very obvious or evident, as in a situation or circumstance that is so clear and apparent it could be understood even without careful consideration.

e.g. 뻔한 거짓말 – an obvious lie

>>In the dialogue, Sharon uses the expression [뻔하다] to put down the clothes at the shop. She’s saying the clothes are all designs that she’s seen before. In other words, she’s saying that there is nothing new or unique about the designs. 

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