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Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me (8) 잠깐만요

#Drama Lines l 2020-02-24


Sharon : 왜 그 분을 찾는데요? 

Why are you looking for that person?

Soo-ho’s employee:저 혹시 선생님이랑 연락 닿으시면 저한테 꼭 좀 연락 주세요. 부탁드리겠습니다.

If you can get in touch with them, please let me know. Please. 

Sharon:  우리 동네 대장간? 잠깐만요. 이 회사 대표가 문수호 씨 아닌가요? 

Our Neighborhood Blacksmith? Wait. Isn’t the president here Moon Soo-ho?

Employee:네, 맞습니다. 

Yes, that’s right. 

Expression of the Week

잠깐만요 (wait)

잠깐 – adv. for a moment; for an instant; for a while

Casual – 잠깐만 or 잠깐

Semi-polite/polite – 잠깐만요

>>[잠깐만요] is an abridged form of [잠깐만 기다리세요] with [기다리다] meaning to wait. 

>>You can ask someone to wait one moment by using the expression “잠깐만요”, but in the dialogue, the expression is used by Sharon as a way of thinking out loud meaning “wait” or “hang on”. 

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