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Fight for my way (1) 몰라

#Drama Lines l 2020-03-02


Park Hye-ran:그럼 기왕 만난 김에 오빠 연락처 좀 알려주세요. 아님 사는 데나?

Since we’ve met, can you give me his contact info? Or, tell me where he lives.

Choi Ae-ra:니가 동만이가 왜 궁금해?

Why do you want to know about Dong-man?

Hye-ran:언니한테 대답할 필요는 없는 거 같아요. 연락처 아시죠?

I don’t think I need to answer that. You know his number, right?


No, I don’t (know). 


You don’t?

Expression of the Week

몰라 (I don’t know)

모르다 – v. do not know

Casual – 몰라

Semi-polite – 몰라요 

Polite – 모르겠습니다

>>[모르다] is a verb which means to lack knowledge or understanding of a person, object or fact. 

>>[모르다] can be used in a variety of ways such as adding [~지도] in front of [모르다] which is used to express a guess or question about something one is unsure of.

           e.g. 그는 이미 죽었을지도 모른다 à he might already be dead

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