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Fight for my way (2) 참 잘해

#Drama Lines l 2020-03-09


Ko Dong-man:야, 근데 난 왜 불렀을까?

Hey, so why did you call me?  

Choi Ae-ra:아, 이 역사적 순간에 당연히 니가 있어야지. 

특별히 해 줄 임무도 있고.  

3시30분에 내가 첫 방송을 하거든 내 데뷔방송 녹음 좀 해줘. 

Ah, I thought you should be here for this historic moment. You have a special task. I’m going on air for the first time at 3:30. You’ll need to record my broadcasting debut.  

Dong-man:녹음? 아, 진짜… 와…별 걸 다 시키네. 

야 그럼 지금 생방이 20분 밖에 안 남았는데 

얼른 스피커 바로 아래 자리를 잡아야 될 거 아니냐고.

Record your debut? Wow… I can’t believe you’re making me do this. 

Hey, there’s only 20 minutes left. Don’t you think I need to sit right below the speaker then?

Ae-ra:아유~ 넌 또 시키면 참 잘해, 응?

Well, I know you’re the one that always does as he’s told. Right? 

Dong-man:좋아. 출동

You’re right. Let’s go!

Expression of the Week

참 잘해 (always does as he’s told)

참 – really, truly

잘하다 – to do well or do something frequently as a habit 

Casual – 참 잘해

Semi-polite – 참 잘해요

Polite – 참 잘하십니다

>>[참] is an adverb that is used to describe something that is true or to mean very, very much or greatly. Another word that can be used similarly is [진짜] which means “really” and [매우] which means “very”

>>In the dialogue, Ae-ra is using the expression giving Dong-man a “semi” compliment, and going in a roundabout way to thank him for doing her a favor. 

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