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Fight for my way (3) 보고 싶었어요

#Drama Lines l 2020-03-16


Choi Ae-ra:이러면 재미있어요? 이번엔 뭐 신발 내기들이라도 하신 거에요?

Is this fun for you? Did you guys bet on shoes or something this time? 

Park Moo-bin:아뇨, 전 그런 뜻이 아니라...

No, I didn’t mean it that way…

Ae-ra:나요, 그 쪽 보기 상당히 거북하고 삔또 상해요. 그러니까 이런 우스운 짓 마시고 서로 더 볼 일 없게 하죠? 

I really don’t want to even see you right now it’s making me upset. Let’s stop this nonsense and never run into each other again, shall we? 

Moo-bin:전 애라 씨랑 놀고 싶어요.

But I want to hang out with you, Ae-ra. 



Moo-bin:애라 씨 보고 싶었어요.

I missed you, Ae-ra.

Expression of the Week

보고 싶었어요 (I missed you)

보다 – v. to meet, see (to meet a person for a purpose)

-고 싶다 – an expression used to state the speaker wants to do the act mentioned before

Casual – 보고 싶었어

Semi-polite – 보고 싶었어요

Polite – 보고 싶었습니다

>>[보다] is the verb “to see”. It is all used to refer to meeting or seeing a person. 

           e.g. 내일 보자! à See you tomorrow!  

>>[보고 싶다] literally means “I want to see you” but in the context of the dialogue, it is used by Moo-bin to express to Ae-ra that he missed her. 

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