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Fight for my way (4) 지질해

#Drama Lines l 2020-03-23


Ae-ra:나한테 펌프질만 하지 말고.. 너는 뭐 꿈 없냐?

Don’t just get me pumped up…don’t you have a dream?

Dong-man:나? 나야 뭐, 부자.

Me? I just…want to be rich. 

Ae-ra:아~ 지질해. 근데 지질한 와중에 뭔가 훅 와 닿기는 한다.

그럼 너 부자 되면 나중에 나 사모님 시켜줄래?

That’s pathetic. But amid your pettiness, I can understand what you’re saying. When you are rich, will you let me be your rich wife?  

Dong-man:야, 내가 너가 이래서 부자를 못 해.

You’re the reason why I can’t be rich. 

Expression of the Week

지질해 (that’s) pathetic 

지질하다 – good-for-nothing, worthless, wretched 

Casual – 지질해

Semi-polite – 지질해요 

>>You can use [지질하다] to describe something that is trivial and not even worth mentioning, or not proper or adequate

>>In the dialogue, Ae-ra is belittling Dong-man’s dream of becoming rich as [지질해] saying it’s a pathetic or lame dream. 

>>[지질하다] is often mistakenly written or said as “찌질하다”

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