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Fight for my way (6) 믿음직해요

#Drama Lines l 2020-04-06


장예진:저 전 남친이 바람 피워서 헤어졌거든요.

I broke up because my ex-boyfriend cheated on me. 

김주만:네, 그러세요?

I see. 

장예진:그래서 그런가 이상하게 대리님이 그렇게 막 철벽 치면 더 믿음직해요.

Maybe that’s why, but when you keep a distance, it makes me trust you more.  


Excuse me? 

장예진: 다른 여자들한테도 다 그럴 거 같아서... 그래서 더...

I feel like you’ll act the same way to other women…so, I…



장예진:더 좋아요. 사귀고 싶어요.

I like you even more. I want to go out with you.

Expression of the Week

믿음직해요 trust you

믿음직하다 – reliable; trustworthy

Casual – 믿음직해

Semi-polite/Polite – 믿음직해요, 믿음직합니다

>>[믿음직하다] is an advective that means “being worthy of trusting” or “depending on a person by the looks of his/her actions or appearance”

>>In the dialogue, Ye-jin is telling Joo-man that she can trust him better because of the way he acts around women. [철벽치다] literally means to put up an iron wall, and is referring Joo-man’s actions where he leaves no room for doubt to other women that he is not interested in them. 

>>The opposite expression of [믿음직하다] would be [못미덥다] which means “unreliable”. 

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