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Fight for my way (10) 기다릴게요

#Drama Lines l 2020-05-04


Ye-jin:어쨌든 제가 대리님 이별에 책임도 있고... 대리님도 저한테 흔들리셨구. 지금 당장은 좀 힘드시겠지만 제가 기다릴게요.

I’m partially responsible for your break up…and you had feelings for me. It might be hard now, but I’ll wait. 

Joo-man:예진 씨. 시간이 아주 오래 지나서 제가 설희 말고 다른 사람 만날 수 있겠죠.
근데 그 때도 예진 씨는 아니에요.

Ye-jin. After a lot of time has passed, I might be able to meet someone other than Seol-hee. But, even then it won’t be you. 

Expression of the Week

기다릴게요 (I’ll) wait

기다리다 – v. to wait; to spend time until a person or time comes or a certain event is realized

Casual – 기다릴게

Semi-polite – 기다릴게요

Polite – 기다리겠습니다

>>[기다리다] means to wait while [-ㄹ게요] is an informal addressee-raising and an expression used when the speaker promises or notifies the listener that she/he will do something. 

>> In the dialogue, Ye-jin says [제가] + [기다릴게요] and notifying Joo-man that she will wait for him to come to her.  

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