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Fight for my way (12) 못 참아

#Drama Lines l 2020-05-18


Ae-ra:냉장고에 있는 거 꺼내먹으란 말도 못해?

I can’t even say, “Take it out from the fridge and eat it?” 

Dong-man: 어, 하지 마. 네가 내 눈앞에서 얼쩡대면서 말까지 걸면

나는 못 참아.

그러니까, 다시 사귀어줄 거 아니면 나한테 말 걸지 마.

No, don’t. I can’t stand you lingering in front of me and speaking to me on top of that. If you’re not going to go out with me again, don’t talk to me.

Ae-ra: 하... 저 새끼는 헤어져도 저렇게 돌직구야…

Ha...that bastard. He’s still so direct even after breaking up.

Expression of the Week

못참아 I can’t stand (something)

못 – not, a word that negates the action represented by the verb

참다 – v. endure, withstand, suppress, control; to endure hardships and difficulties or suppress and control emotions such as sadness, fear, anger etc. 

Casual – 못 참아

Semi-polite – 못 참아요

>>[참다] means to endure something, but with the negation [못] added to the verb, it means can’t stand or endure something.

>>In the dialogue, Dong-man in telling Ae-ra that he won’t stand to see her showing up in front of him unless she’ll go out with him again.

>> [돌직구] is a slang expression that incorporates the baseball term “직구” which means fast ball. The expression literally means a fast ball as hard as a rock, and figuratively means someone’s straightforward comment that comes at you like a rock thrown fast at you. 

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