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Just Dance (2) 나중에 얘기하자

#Drama Lines l 2020-06-08


Tae-sun:오늘 못 오는 거 맞지?

미안해. 괜히 신경 쓰이게 해서. 엄마 화 많이 나셨어?

You can’t come today, right? I’m sorry to have bothered you with this. Is Mom really angry? 

Si-eun:화나든지 말든지.. 

오빠야 있다 아이가, 내 방금 애들이랑 얘기하다가…

Whatever, I don’t really care whether she’s angry or not. 

Tae-sun, I was talking to my friends just now…

Tae-sun:시은아, 나 촬영 가봐야 돼서. 나중에 얘기하자.

Si-eun, I have to start taping now. Let’s talk later. 

Expression of the Week

나중에 얘기하자 (Let’s talk later.)

나중 – (n.) next time, later; the moment after a certain time passes

~에 – postpositional particle 

얘기하다 – (v.) to converse; have a talk; talk; to exchange words with someone 

Casual – 나중에 얘기하자

Semi-polite – 나중에 얘기해요 

>>[얘기하다] is usually used as the verb to mean to say or speak, but in the dialogue Tae-sun is telling Si-eun that they should meet to talk about what Si-eun was saying before. So, in this case, the expression is used more as a parting greeting as in in “see you later” (and we’ll talk about what you were just saying then).

>>[나중] is a noun that means next time, or the moment after a certain time passes. It is used with the postpositional particle [-에] added to it, it indicates that 나중 is a “time”.

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