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Just Dance (3) 끔찍하다

#Drama Lines l 2020-06-15


Mi-young:다 떨어지고 나면, 니가 어쩔 수 있겠나. 취직하는 수 밖에.

If you don’t get in anywhere, what else can you do? You’ll have to get a job.

Ji-eun:내가 여기 있으면, 뭐, 나이 들어서 엄마 밖에 더 되겠나.

맞다 아이가. 10년 후에, 20년 후에, 

지금 엄마처럼 그런 옷 입고 이딴 집에서…

엄마, 내는 그거 생각만 해도 끔찍하다. 

If I stay here and get old, I’ll become just like you. Isn’t that right? Ten years later, 20 years later… Wearing clothes like what you’re wearing now and living in this kind of house. Mom, it’s dreadful just thinking about it.

Expression of the Week

끔찍하다 it’s dreadful

끔찍하다 – adj. terrible, awful

Casual – 끔찍하다

Semi-polite – 끔찍해요 

Polite – 끔찍합니다

>>[끔찍하다] is an adjective that is used to describe something excessive enough to make someone frightened, or dreadful enough to make people unwilling to think about or look at. 

e.g. 끔찍하게 덥다 à unbearably hot

끔찍하게 크다 à excessively big

>>[끔찍하다] can also be used to describe someone’s respect or love for another person being extremely great and awesome. For example [끔찍하게 여기다] would not refer to thinking about someone as unbearable, but thinking about them with excessive or wholehearted affection 

e.g. 끔찍하게 대접하다 à give a wholehearted or devoted treatment(reception)

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