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Just Dance (7) 할래요

#Drama Lines l 2020-07-13


이규호:시은아, 니 쌤하고 둘이 무대 한번 안 해볼래? 

Kyu-ho: Si-eun. Do you want to try preparing a stage with me?

김시은:쌤이랑 내가? 징그럽다.

Si-eun:  You and me? Gross. 

이규호:뭐라도 한 줄 더 넣는 게 낫지 않겠나.

Kyu-ho: Wouldn’t it be better to add another line to your application?

김시은:쌤, 다 알고 있었어요? 

Si-eun: You already knew everything?

이규호:내는 쌤이랑 단독무대도 섰다꼬. 더 그럴싸하그러.

Kyu-ho:  You could write you had a solo stage with the teacher. Wouldn’t that sound better? 

김시은: 응, 할래요. 내 할래. 

Si-eun:   Yes. I want to do it. I’ll do it. 

Expression of the Week

할래요 (I want to do it)

하다 – v. do, perform

-ㄹ래요 – indicates speaker’s intention to do something in the future 

Casual – 여기  

Semi-polite/polite – 역시 

>>[-ㄹ래요] is a form of informal addressee-raising. The expression is used to indicate the speaker’s intention to do something in the future, or to ask for the listening’s thoughts about that. 

>>In the dialogue, Si-eun is expressing her intention to do what her teacher, Kyu-ho, has just suggested to her. So, she adds [-ㄹ래요] with the verb [하다] which means “to do” and is telling him that she wants to do it. 

>>Another way to say “Yes, I want to do it” is “네, 하고 싶어요.” 

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