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Just Dance (8) 벌써

#Drama Lines l 2020-07-20


김시은:다시 돌아왔네.

Si-eun: You’re back. 

권승찬:어. 내 이제 개않다. 개않아졌다.

Seung-chan: Yeah. I’m alright now. I’m better. 

김시은:벌써? 와, 니 내 진심으로 좋아하긴 했나?

Si-eun:  Already? Wow. Did you really like me at all?

Expression of the Week

벌써 (already)

벌써 – adv. so soon, more quickly than one thought

Casual – 벌써  

Semi-polite/polite – 벌써요 

>>[벌써] is an adverb that is used to express something that happened more quickly than one thought. 

>>Si-eun’s [벌써?] actually means [Are you better already?] and she says, [did you really like me at all?], playfully hinting that Seung-chan seems to have gotten over her pretty quickly. 

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