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Just Dance (9) 놀러 와요

#Drama Lines l 2020-07-27


Dong-hee:예, 그럼 가세요.

Alright. Goodbye then. 

Si-ra:언제 가게 한번 놀러 와요. 내가 술 한 잔 줄게요. 공짜로.

Come by the store sometime. I’ll get you a drink. It’s on me.

Dong-hee: 전 성인인데요?

I’m an adult.

Si-ra:뭐, 뇌물?

What, a bribe? 

Expression of the Week

놀러 와요 (Come by)

놀다 – v. to play, have fun

-러 – a connective ending used to express the purpose of an action such as going and coming

오다 – v. to come

Casual – 놀러 와

Semi-polite/polite – 놀러 와요, 놀러 오세요

>>The verb [놀다] + connective ending [-러] à [놀러] means for “the purpose of playing or having a good time”.

>> [놀러] combined with the verb [오다] which means “to come” is telling the hearer to “come over (to a certain place) and play, have fun or hang out”. 

>>In Korea, the expression is used colloquially to mean “come over and let’s hang out”. 

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