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Just Dance (10) 됐거든

#Drama Lines l 2020-08-03


Si-eun:아 손 시려버라, 이거. 이제 날이 추워지련가 보다. 맞지?

My hands are freezing. This means…it’s going to get colder now.  Right?


Wanna put this on? 


No thanks. 

Expression of the Week

됐거든 (no thanks)

됐다 – to become, get to, to reach a certain situation or state

-거든 – informal addressee-lowering sentence-final ending referring to the reason, cause, or basis for the preceding statement that the speaker thought of

Casual – 됐거든          

>>[됐다] is a form of [되다] which means to become. However, in the dialogue [됐다] is used as a form of refusal, meaning “it’s okay,” or “I’ll pass.”

>>[됐거든] is a colloquial expression that is used to tell the hearer “that’s fine,” “never mind,” “no thanks,” or also “just forget it”. 

>>In the dialogue, Seung-chan is offering Si-eun his jacket and she is refusing his offer with the expression “됐거든” which would only be used between close friends or someone who is younger. 

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