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Just Dance (11) 속상하다

#Drama Lines l 2020-08-10


Kyu-ho:엄마 아빠가 하지 말라캤다 해서 부모님 설득하러 가면,

“저희는요, 하지 말라칸 적 없는데요?” 아... 이라는 기라.

그 때는 쌤이... 진짜 속상하다.

거짓말까지 해가 쌤을 속이는 거는. 

혹시 뭐 고민이 있거나 힘든 일 있으면 

솔직하게 쌤한테 얘기해라. 쌤은 괜찮으니까. 

When they tell me that their mom or dad told them not to do it and I go to persuade their parents, they tell me, “We never told him not to do it.” That’s what they say. 

That’s when I’m… That’s when I feel disappointed. 

Lying to your teacher. 

If you have something you’re worried about, just tell me truthfully. It’s alright. 

Na-young:우, 우린 그런 거 없다. 맞지? 

We don’t have anything like that, right? 

Expression of the Week

속상하다 (feel disappointed)

속상하다 – adj. upset, feeling discomfort and anguish because things don’t go one’s way

Casual – 속상하다       

Semi-polite/polite – 속상합니다

>>[속상하다] is an adjective that is used to express the speaker’s discomfort, anguish or disappointment. 

>>In the dialogue, Kyu-ho is expressing his disappointment in students who have lied to him by blaming their parents when in fact, their parents were not against it. 

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