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Once Again (2) 진정해

#Drama Lines l 2020-09-07


Ok-ja : 어머나 어머나 어머나 설마 형부,

언니 나쁜 생각 그런 건 아니겠죠? 그쵸?

Oh my! Oh my! You don’t think she had any bad thoughts, did you?

Young-dal : 에헤이 또 또 너무 나간다 또 이런.

No, no. You’re going too far again.

Ok-ja : 아닐 거야. 아니어야 돼. 

어머 어머 어떡해요. 형부 나는 언니 없으면 못 살아요.

I’m sure she didn’t. It can’t be. Oh no. What should I do? I can’t live without my sister.  

Young-dal : 에헤이 진정해, 처제 좀.

그 사람 그럴 사람 아닌 거 뻔히 알면서. 왜 그래, 거 사람?

Calm down. You know as well as anyone that she’s not the type of person to do that. 

Expression of the Week

진정해 (calm down) 

진정하다 - to settle or relax, soothe

Casual – 진정해

Polite - 진정하세요 

>>[진정하다] is a verb that means to calm one’s agitated feeling as seen in the dialogue. Young-dal is trying to calm Ok-ja down by saying that his wife is not the person to have had a “bad thought” which contextually means she may have harmed herself.

>>you can also use [진정하다] when talking about relieving pain.

e.g. 피부를 진정하다 → calming one’s skin (from a rash, sunburn etc.)

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