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Woman of 9.9 Billion (1) 생각이 좀 짧았습니다.

#Drama Lines l 2020-11-30


Jae-hoon : 아니 근데 홍 사장.

But, Mr. Hong. 

In-pyo :     네! 말씀하시죠.

Yes, please go on. 

Jae-hoon : 설령 여행을 간다구 해도, 

거 놀러 가서까지 재미없는 서류를 봐야 돼요? 

업무는 업무, 휴식은 휴식. 기본 아닌가?

Even if we are going on a trip, do we need to look over     boring papers there?

Work is work. Relaxing is relaxing. Isn’t that a given?

In-pyo : 죄송합니다. 제가 생각이 좀 짧았습니다. 

I’m sorry. I didn’t think that through. 

Jae-hoon : 생각을 좀 길게 합시다. 

암튼 여행 가게 되면 그때나 봅시다.

Let’s think it through from now on. 

If we go on that trip, I’ll see you then. 

Expression of the Week

생각이 좀 짧았습니다 (I) didn’t think that through.

생각 – n. thought

짧다 – adj. short 

Casual – 생각이 좀 짧았어

Semi-polite/polite – 생각이 좀 짧았습니다

>>”생각이 짧다” is a combination of “생각” – my thought(s) and “짧다” – (to be) short which literally means “my thought was short”. 

>>This expression is often used as another way to express an apology for not thinking something through or making a mistake about something. 

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