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Woman of 9.9 Billion (8) 잊어버렸어요?

#Drama Lines l 2021-01-18


Jae-hoon: 한 잔 할래요?

Do you want to go get a drink? 

Seo-yeon: 약속했잖아요.

안전해질 때까지 한 푼도 건드리지 않는다. 

합법적인 돈으로 바꾼 다음에 똑같이 나눈다. 잊어버렸어요?

You promised not to touch a cent until everything is safe.

We split it equally after the money has been laundered. 

Did you forget? 

Expression of the Week

잊어버렸어요? (did you forget?)

잊어버리다 – v. forget 

Casual – 잊어버렸어? 

Semi-polite/polite – 잊어버렸어요? 

>>[잊어버렸어요?] is used to ask someone if they have forgotten something. In the dialogue, Seo-yeon is asking Jae-hoon if he has forgotten what they previously promised. 

>>[잊어버리다] is often confused with [잃어버리다] which means “to lose something”. 

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