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Woman of 9.9 Billion (9) 이게 말이 돼요?

#Drama Lines l 2021-01-25


Jae-hoon: 서연 씨도 입바른 소리할 처지는 아니지 않나요?

You’re not in the situation to speak frankly, are you?

Seo-yeon: 무슨 뜻이에요?

What does that mean? 

Jae-hoon: 나 모르게 빼돌린 1억, 그거 어떻게 했어요? 

남편 몰래 카드빚 진 거 막았나? 아님 비상금으로 챙겼어요? 

The 100-million won that you secretly pocketed. What did you do with it? 

Did you use it to pay off your credit card bills without your husband knowing? 

Did you put it away for an emergency fund? 

Seo-yeon: 1억이라뇨? 대체 누가...

100-million won? Who told…

Jae-hoon: 서연 씨 상식적으로 생각해봐요. 

100억이면 100억이지, 1억 빠지는 99억... 

이게 말이 돼요?

Seo-yeon, think about it. Shouldn’t it be 10 billion? Why is it 9.9 billion with just 100-million missing? Does that make sense to you?  

Expression of the Week

이게 말이 돼요? Does that make sense (to you)?

말이 되다 – make sense

Casual – 이게 말이 돼?

Semi-polite/polite – 이게 말이 돼요?

>>The use of ‘되다’ is something even native Korean speakers have difficulty with. In the dialogue, ‘돼요’ is the shortened form of ‘되어요’ which is why ‘돼요’ has been used rather than ‘되요,’ which is grammatically incorrect. 

>>’말이 되다’ means ‘to make sense’, but the expression can also be used with the negative ‘-안’ as in ‘말이 안되다’ which means something ‘doesn’t make sense’ or as an exclamation that something (that was uttered) is ‘ridiculous’ or ‘absurd’.

 A: 살이 한달에 20킬로나 빠졌어. (I) lost 20 kilograms in a month.

B: 말도 안 돼! That’s ridiculous! 

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