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Homemade Love Story (3) 미안해서 어떡해

#Drama Lines l 2021-06-14


빛채운 : 엄마, 나온 김에 저녁 먹고 들어가자니까.

Bitchaeun: Mom, since we’re already out, let’s eat out today.

해든 : 그러자 엄마~ 나 보쌈.

Hae-deun: Yeah! Mom, I want bossam.

순정 : 보쌈 같은 소리. 우리가 뭐 놀러 나왔어? 

Soon-jung: What are you talking about? We’re not out here to have a good time. 

재희 : 드시고 가세요. 차 막힐거예요. 퇴근 시간이라. 

Jae-hee: Let’s eat before going back. There should be traffic. People are getting off work.

순정 : 그냥 집에 가서 먹어요. 저녁 해놨어요. 

그나저나 우소장한테 미안해서 어떡해. 

퇴근하는 사람 갑자기 붙잡고 나와서. 

Soon-jung: Let’s just eat at home. I’ve already prepared dinner. 

I’m so sorry Mr. Woo, for making you come out when you were getting off work.

재희 : 저는 괜찮습니다. 얼른 타세요.

Jae-hee: It’s alright. Please get in. 

Expression of the Week

미안해서 어떡해. (I’m so sorry)

부담스럽다 – adj. burdensome, a matter or situation being difficult to handle

Casual – 부담스러워

Semi-polite - 부담스러워요 

>> “어떡해” is a form of “어떡하다” which comes from “어떠하게 하다” meaning “to deal with.” The expression is used by the speaker when they have done something wrong or inconvenienced the hearer as a form of apology. 

>>In other words, “어떡해” in the dialogue is another way for Soon-jung to apologize to Jae-hee, whom she thinks has taken time out of his busy schedule to come see them.

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