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Homemade Love Story (4) 그대로세요

#Drama Lines l 2021-06-21


Min-jae : 혹시... 순정씨?

Are you… Soon-jeong? 

Soon-jeong : 어머, 민재 아가씨? 

Oh! Are you Min-jae? 

Min-jae : 맞구나! 순정씨! 너무 반갑다! 여기 온다는 얘기 들었어, 정원이한테.

You are Soon-jeong! I’m so happy to see you! I heard you came here from Jeong-won.

Soon-jeong : 민재 아가씨, 어쩜 그대로세요.

Min-jae, you haven’t changed one bit. 

Min-jae : 나 살쪘어. 순정씨야말로 정말 그대로다. 

I’ve gained weight. You really haven’t changed at all. 

Expression of the Week

그대로세요. (you haven’t changed one bit)

그대로 – n. being as something was, the state of being identical to something

Casual – 그대로야

Semi-polite – 그대로세요

>> “그대로세요” is used as a compliment to tell the hearer that although time has passed, they are still maintaining their youth or beauty from the past and not much has changed. 

>> The expression can also be used for things or situations. For example, you can use the expression to refer to a neighborhood that has not changed at all in the past ten years saying, “이 동네는 10년이 지나도 그대로네요.”

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