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Homemade Love Story (7) 잘 지냈어?

#Drama Lines l 2021-07-12


Soon-jung : 채운아 


Bitchaeun: 엄마


Soon-jung: 아니 채운아... 어떻게 된거야. 응? 웬일이야. 어떻게 왔어. 

Chaeun. What happened? What’s wrong? Why are you here? 

Bitchaeun: 엄마 보고 싶어서.

I missed you Mom. 

Soon-jung: 잘 지냈어?

Has everything been alright?

Bitchaeun: 응. 엄마도?

Of course. What about you? 

Expression of the Week

잘 지냈어? (Has everything been alright?)

지내다 v. live, to live in a certain state or condition

Casual – 잘 지냈어?

Semi-polite – 잘 지냈어요?

>> This expression is used to ask how someone is doing. It is used more between people who have not seen each other in a while compared to people who see each other often. 

>>In the dialogue, Soon-jung hasn’t seen Bitchaeun in a while and is surprised that she showed up. She may have been thinking that someone was wrong for her daughter to show up unexpectedly which is why she asks, “Has everything been alright?”

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