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Homemade Love Story (8) 내 말이 틀려요?

#Drama Lines l 2021-07-19


정후 : 당신 그래서 그랬구만? 당신 먼저 새 출발하기 찔리니까 나부터 엮어주려고. 

Jung-hoo: That’s why you did it. You felt guilty about making a new start so you wanted me to go first.

민재 : 아니 무슨 그런 오해를 해요? 사람 진심도 몰라주고? 

Min-jae: How can you misunderstand me like that? You can’t tell I’m being sincere? 

정후 : 진심은 무슨 진심. 망상이지. 

Jung-hoo: Sincere? That’s what I call being delusional.

민재 : 망상?! 당신이 꿈에 그리던 첫사랑이 눈앞에 딱 나타났는데! 

그것도 싱글로! 당신 첫사랑이랑 연결됐으면 

이렇게 고집불통 스쿠루지 가장으로 안 살았을 거 아니에요. 

당신은 원하지도 않는데 내가 억지로 결혼하자 그래서

이 비극이 탄생한 거잖아요 

내 말이 틀려요?

Min-jae: What do you mean delusional? Your first love, the woman of your dreams showed up right in front of you! She was also single! If things had gone well with your first love, you wouldn’t have lived like this stubborn scrooge of a man. You didn’t want to but I forced you into getting married which is where this whole tragedy began. Am I wrong?


Expression of the Week

내 말이 틀려요? (Am I wrong?)

틀리다 – v. be wrong; be incorrect (for a calculation, answer, fact, etc.)

Casual – 내 말이 틀려?

Semi-polite – 내 말이 틀려요?

Polite – 그렇게 생각하지 않으세요?

>> This expression is used by a speaker when the hearer has done something wrong, is mistaken about something or has misunderstood something. 

>> This expression can be considered rude if spoken to elders. 

>> A more roundabout way to express the same sentiment more politely would be “그렇게 생각하지 않으세요?” which means “Don’t you think so?”

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