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Homemade Love Story (10) 됐다 그래

#Drama Lines l 2021-08-02


준아 : (휴대폰 문자로) 이본? 1층에서 잠깐만 볼 수 있을까요?

Jun-a: (text message) Lee Bon? Can I see you for a minute on the 1st floor?

해든 : … 

Hae-deun:     …

라훈 : 누나. 준아 형이 보자는데.

Ra-hoon:     Jun-a is asking if he can see you for a minute.

해든 : 아 됐다 그래.

Hae-deun: Tell him no.

준아 : 이본 나…

Jun-a: Lee Bon… I…

해든 : 들어오지마요.

Hae-deun: Don’t come in. 


Expression of the Week

됐다 그래 (Tell him no)

되다 – v. not be allowed; not be permitted

그러다 – v. say so

Casual – 됐다 그래

Semi-polite – 됐다고 그래요

>> This expression is used by a speaker to the hearer for the hearer to tell a 3rd person that something does not fit the requirements or is not satisfactory. 

>> In the dialogue, Ra-hoon has come to Hae-deun with a message from Jun-a who wants to speak with Hae-deun. However, Hae-deun does not want to speak with Ra-hoon, so she is sending the message of “no” (to both Ra-hoon’s message and Jun-a’s text message) through Ra-hoon. 

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