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On the Way to the Airport (1) 그게 할 소리야?

#Drama Lines l 2021-08-30


효은: 엄마한테 잘해줘. 

Hyo-eun: Be good to Mom. 

진석: 넌 아빠한테나 좀 잘해봐라.

Jin-seok: What about being nice to your Dad for once? 

효은: 아빠는 딸이 가는 마당에 그게 할 소리야?

아빠가 가라고 난리만 안 쳤어도 엄마는 나 안 보냈어. 

공부 못한다고 맨날 구박하고. 

Hyo-eun: Is that something to say to your daughter when she’s leaving?

If you hadn’t had a fit, Mom wouldn’t have sent me. 

You kept saying I wasn’t doing well at school.

진석: 넌 조기유학 보내준 지금 이 순간을 두고두고 고마워하게 될거다.

Jin-seok: You’ll be forever thankful to me for sending you to study abroad early. 


Expression of the Week

그게 할 소리야? (Is that something to say)

그게 – short for ‘그것이,’ a pronoun used to indicate the previously-mentioned subject

소리 – n. something expressed with one’s voice to convey a thought or feeling

Casual – 애들 장난이야?

Semi-polite – 애들 장난이에요?

>> “그게 할 소리야?” is an expression used when the speaker feels like something uttered by someone else was absurd, illogical, or inappropriate. In other words, the expression is used to tell someone who has made an absurd comment that it was inappropriate. 

>> In the dialogue, Hyo-eun is expressing disbelief at her father’s (Jin-seok) comment, saying it was an inappropriate thing to say to his daughter who is leaving to study abroad. It implies he should have said something kind to send her off, and also that she never really wanted to go study abroad and he was forcing her to go. 

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