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On the Way to the Airport (3) 걱정돼서 그래

#Drama Lines l 2021-09-13


혜원: 이상하게 보지마. 

Hye-won: Don’t look at me strangely.

도우: 걱정돼서 그래. 왜 무리해.

Do-woo: I’m just worried. Why are you overdoing yourself? 

혜원: 무리 아니야. 차라리 이게 나아. 

지은 씨 말고 아무도 몰라 말하지마.

Hye-won: I’m not. It’s better this way. 

No one else knows other than Ji-eun. Don’t tell anyone.


Expression of the Week

걱정돼서 그래 (I’m just worried)

걱정되다 – v. be worried; be concerned

Casual – 애들 장난이야?

Semi-polite – 애들 장난이에요?

>> “걱정되다” is a verb meaning to become fearful and anxious that something bad might happen.

>> 그래 is a form of the verb “그러다” and it means to do what occurred or was stated previously. This expression is used to simply convey why the speaker is saying or doing something when the speaker is worried about the hearer or feels that the hearer is in a bad situation as in the dialogue where Do-woo is worried about Hye-won overworking herself. 

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