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On the Way to the Airport (4) 내가 언제?

#Drama Lines l 2021-09-20


미진: 너 왜 웃어?

Mi-jin: Why are you laughing?

지은: 너 지금 니 얘기하는거지? 옛날에 니가 한 얘기가 있는데? 술 퍼마시고?

Ji-eun: You’re talking about yourself right now, aren’t you? There was something you said a long time ago. You were drunk. 

미진: 내가 뭐랬는데?

Mi-jin: What did I say? 

지은: 너 사귀던 남자 시드니 맥주집에서 만났댔잖아.

Ji-eun: You said you met the man you were seeing at a bar in Sydney. 

미진: 내가 언제?

Mi-jin: When did I say that? 

지은: 기억하는구만 뭘. 너 완전 취해가지고 다 털어놨어.

Ji-eun: You remember. You were completely drunk and told me everything.


Expression of the Week

내가 언제? (When did I say that?)

내가 – I

언제 – When 장난 – n. game; joke; something that children do for fun or to kill time

Casual – 내가 언제

>> This expression comes from “내가 언제 그랬어?” but has omitted “그랬어” which is a form of the verb “do.” 

>> This expression is used when the speaker does not remember what he/she has done or said. It can also be used when the speaker remembers what they have done or said but wants to act as if they don’t remember, as in the dialogue.

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