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On the Way to the Airport (5) 당연하지

#Drama Lines l 2021-09-27


효은: 내일 축구부 테스트 잘할 수 있겠지?

Hyo-eun:     I’ll do well tomorrow at the soccer team qualifications, right? 

제아: 당연하지.

내가 태어나서 너처럼 잘하는 여자 초딩 축구 선수를 본 적이 없어. 

Jae-ah: Of course.

I’ve never seen such a good elementary school girl soccer player before in my life.

효은: 여자 초딩 축구 선수? 왠지 되게 귀하게 들리는데.

Hyo-eun:     Elementary school girl soccer player? It sounds kind of rare. 


Expression of the Week

당연하지 (of course)

당연하다 – adj. natural; justifiable; fair

Casual – 당연하지

Semi-polite - 당연하죠

>> This expression is used to emphasize what the other speaker has said or asked is really true. 

>> It can be used regardless of what the other speaker said was negative or positive.

>> A similar expression that can be used instead is “그렇고 말고”

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