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On the Way to the Airport (6) 무슨 사이야?

#Drama Lines l 2021-10-04


미진: 왜? 

Mi-jin: What? 

진석: 너 제아랑 무슨 사이야? 

맥줏집 끌고 간 게 누군데. 

바람 쐰다고 나가서 지금 남의 집에서 뭐 하는 거야? 

Jin-seok: What is your relationship with Jae-ah?

Who dragged him to the bar?

You said you needed some fresh air, but what are you doing right now in my house?

미진: 내가 바람 쐬다 친구 보러 가든 말든.

넌 남자랑 여자랑만 있으면 다 그렇고 그런 사이니?

네 집구석이나 걱정해.

Why should you care whether I need fresh air or I’m meeting a friend?

Do you think that if a guy is with a girl, they’re all in a relationship? 

Worry about your own family. 


Expression of the Week

무슨 사이야? (What is your relationship with ~?)

무슨 – (determiner) what

사이 – n. relationship

Casual – 무슨 사이야?

>> “사이” can have many different meanings. It can mean the space or distance between objects, or the time span between one point in time to another. In the dialogue it means a mutual relationship, but the way Jin-seok says it is nuanced to ask Mi-jin if she’s dating Jae-ah. 


>> When Mi-jin says “그렇고 그런 사이” that also is a euphemistic saying referring to an amorous relationship between a man and woman. 

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