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Doctor Prisoner (3) 하루 이틀 일이야?

#Drama Lines l 2021-12-13


선민식:김선생. 지금 급한 일이 생겨서 그러니까 

나중에 다시 통화하지. 

Seon Min-sik: Dr. Kim. I have something urgent to tend to. Let’s talk later. 

김선생:    과장님. 여기가 더 급합니다. 병원에 응급환자가 들어왔습니다.

Dr. Kim: Dr. Seon. This is more urgent. There’s an emergency patient at the hospital.

선민식:    응급 환자 들어오는 게 어디 하루 이틀 일이야?

수술할 의사 없다고 돌려보내면 되잖아! 

Dr. Seon: We see emergency patients come in every day. 

You can turn them back saying there is no doctor to operate on them! 

Expression of the Week

하루 이틀 일이야? ((it happens) every day)

하루 – n. day, the 24 hours from midnight to the following midnight or an unspecified day

이틀 – n. two days

Casual – 하루 이틀 일이야? 

>> This expression is used to describe something or a situation that has not occurred suddenly (or in just a day or two days), but was a long time in the making (or happens all the time). 

>>In the dialogue, Dr. Seon is using the expression to say that hospitals see emergency patients every day, or that it’s common to see emergency patients come to the hospital. 

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