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Doctor Prisoner (4) 할 수 없죠

#Drama Lines l 2021-12-20


간호사: 꼭 필요하신 거면 내일 과장님한테 보고한 다음에 보시죠?

Nurse: If you really need to, why don’t you do it after you report to the Chief tomorrow?

한소금:우울 증세가 심해서 당장 자살을 할지도 모르는 환잔데, 

괜찮을까요? 괜찮겠죠?

Han So-geum: The patient is suffering from severe depression and may commit suicide at any moment. 

Do you think it’ll be alright? It’ll be alright.

간호사:자, 자살이요?

Nurse: C..ommit suicide? 

한소금:뭐 할 수 없죠. 내일 과장님한테 말씀드리고 봐야겠다.

그때까지 살아있어야 보겠지만. 그럼 수고. 

Han So-geum: I guess there’s nothing we can do. I’ll just report to the Chief tomorrow and then see the patient. If the patient is still alive tomorrow. See you. 

간호사: 잠시만요!

Nurse: Wait! 

Expression of the Week

할 수 없죠 (there’s nothing we can do)

할 수 없다 – 어쩔 수 없다, 달리 방도가 없다 something cannot be helped

Casual – 할 수 없지

Semi-polite, polite – 할 수 없죠 

>> This expression is used when there is nothing else that can be done about a certain situation. 

>> It can also be used by a speaker when they have made several suggestions to a hearer but they do not accept their suggestions or cannot make a decision and the speaker is expressing resolution.

>> The expression can also be used to express “there is no other way.” 

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