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Doctor Prisoner (5) 누가 알았겠어

#Drama Lines l 2021-12-27


나이제: 덕분에 잘 넘겼습니다. 감사합니다. 여사님.

Na Yi-je: We were able to get through it thanks to you. Thank you. 

오정희:그나마 출자자 명부 이름들이 다 차명이었으니 못 알아봤겠지.

실명이면 금방 들통 났을 걸?

Oh Jung-hee: The names on the list of investors were borrowed names and unrecognizable. If they had been real names, someone would have caught on real fast. 


Na Yi-je: You’re right. 

오정희:하여튼 세상에 믿을 놈이 없다니까. 김상춘 그 놈이 배신할 줄 누가 알았겠어.

Oh Jung-hee: There’s no one to trust in the world. Who would have known that Kim Sang-choon would be the backstabbing type?  

Expression of the Week

누가 알았겠어 (Who would have known)

누가 -  an abbreviated word for ‘누구가’ (somebody)

알다 – v. to know, understand 

-겠 - an ending of a word referring to a future event or assumption 

Casual – 누가 알았겠어  

>>This expression is used to express surprise when something that the speaker never imagined or thought of has happened. 

>>Although it sounds like a question, it is not a question, and means “no one knew” or “it was not imaginable.” 

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