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Doctor Prisoner (7) 미안하게 됐네

#Drama Lines l 2022-01-10


선민식: 진짜 미안하게 됐네. 자넬 이렇게 만든 새끼는 내가 책임지고

잘리게 만들테니까 우선 진정서부터 제출하지.

Min-sik: I’m very sorry for what happened. I’ll make sure that jerk who caused you harm gets sacked. Let’s first submit a petition.

김석우: 아니, 그 의사로 가죠.

Seok-woo: No, let’s go to that doctor.

선민식: 가다니 뭘 말인가?

Min-sik: Go where? To do what?  

김석우:그 꼴통 의사 시켜서 나 구속집행정지 만들어 달라고요. 

Seok-woo: Let’s get that quack doctor to get me a sentence suspension.  

Expression of the Week

미안하게 됐네 (I’m sorry for what happened)

되다 – come; fall; to reach a certain timing or state

Casual – 미안하게 됐네

Semi-polite – 죄송하게 됐습니다  

>>This expression is used by a speaker when they are unable to fulfil a promise or give help to the hearer when they previously said they would. It is also used as a form of apology when something goes awry due to their own fault. 

>>The form “미안하게 됐네” is used by an elder or superior when they are speaking down to someone younger or junior to them. When someone younger is using the polite form of the expression, they would usually just apologize and say “죄송합니다.”

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