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Police University (10) 미안하지도 않냐?

#Drama Lines l 2022-05-02


박민규: 지금 나가면, 보고한다.

Min-kyu: If you leave now, I’m going to report you.

강선호: ...!

Seon-ho: …!

박민규: 점호 후, 무단외출 벌점 30점. 중근신인 건 알지? 

Min-kyu: If you leave without permission after roll call, it’s 30 demerits. You know that will lead to a serious probation, right?

강선호: 하...

Seon-ho: (sigh)

박민규: 니 멋대로 구는 거...강희한테 미안하지도 않냐?

Min-kyu: Your reckless behavior… Don’t you feel bad for Kang-hee? 

Expression of the Week

미안하지도 않냐? (Don’t you feel bad for ~)

미안하다 – adj. regrettable; sorry

~도 - a postpositional particle used to emphasize an unusual case or unexpected case

Casual – 미안하지도 않냐?

Polite – 미안하지도 않아요?

>> This expression is used when asking the hearer if he or she is even sorry for what they have said or done. 

>>Generally, the expression is used when it is believed that the hearer’s words or actions have caused harm. It is used by the speaker with a feeling of resentment or reproach. 

>>There is a slight difference between ‘미안하지 않냐’ and ‘미안하지도 않냐’. The first expression is used when asking if the hearer feels sorry for something they have done, and the second expression is used when asking if the hearer if he or she doesn’t even feel (the slightest bit) sorry for what they have done. 

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