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Police University (12) 아무리 그래도 그렇지

#Drama Lines l 2022-05-16


최팀장: 너 지금 용의자랑 뭐하냐?

Mr. Choi: What are you doing with the suspect? 

주경장: 티, 팀장님. 

Mr. Joo: Mr. Choi…

최팀장: 아무리 그래도 그렇지. 수사 중인 용의자랑 지금 뭐 하는 거냐고! 

Mr. Choi: Even if you have your reasons, what are you doing with a suspect that’s currently under investigation?

주경장: 근데요 팀장님. 장재규가 증언한 날, 

그 동네에서 그 친구가 찍힌 CCTV도 없고

구속영장 기각될 거 뻔히 아시잖아요!

Mr. Joo: But Mr. Choi. The day Jang Jae-kyu testified, there weren’t any CCTV footages of him in that neighborhood. And you know that the arrest warrant will surely be dismissed! 

최팀장: 입 다물어 이 새끼야. 니들 다 옷 벗고 싶어서 환장했어? 어?

Mr. Choi: Shut up you jerk! Do you want to get fired?

Expression of the Week

아무리 그래도 그렇지 (Even if you have your reasons)

아무리 – adv. No matter how; however; whatever; even so

그렇다 – adj. so; as such; like that

Casual – 아무리 그래도 그렇지

Polite – 아무리 그래도 그렇죠

>> This expression is used to show that what the other person is saying is not a sufficient reason for something, even if true.

>>It can also be used when the speaker feels that even if they think what they just heard is correct, the explanation is not enough.  

>>Other verbs can be used instead of “그래도” such as “아무리 싸도 그렇지” with the verb “싸다” (to be cheap). For example, “아무리 싸도 그렇지 이렇게 많이 사면 어떻게” (No matter how cheap it was, how could you buy so much of it?) 

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