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Police University (13) 뭐 눈엔 뭐만 보이니까

#Drama Lines l 2022-05-23


유동만: 느티나무 후원회 말이다. 

니들 그걸로 장난질 많이 쳤드라?

Dong-man: The Zelkova Tree Supporters Association.

You did a lot of wrongdoings through that didn’t you?

고교수: ...뭐?

Professor Ko: …What?

유동만:  경찰들 후원해주는 척 하면서 비리 경찰들한테 돈 건네주고 

아주 별 지랄을 다 떨었드만. 장부에 다 나와 있던데, 안 그냐?

Dong-man: You pretended to support cops while giving money to corrupt ones. You did a lot of bullshit. It’s all in the accounts, didn’t you know? 

고교수:  ...뭐 눈엔 뭐만 보이니까. 

Professor Ko: It takes one to know one. 

유동만: 쓰레기들이 하는 짓을 너무 잘 아는 거겠지 내가. 

Dong-man: Yeah, I know exactly what you trash like to do. 

Expression of the Week

뭐 눈엔 뭐만 보이니까 (it takes one to know one)

뭐 – what

눈 – eye

보이다 – v. to see

Casual – 뭐 눈엔 뭐만 보이니까

>> This expression literally means “something is seen (only) to someone’s eyes” which is a saying used to indicate that you will only see what you like or are interested in. 

>>The first “뭐,” which means “what,” refers to a subject that is doing the seeing and the second “뭐” refers to the object that is being looked at.

>> 엔 is an abbreviated version of “애는” in this case 눈엔 is short for 눈에는. 

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