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Police University (14) 잘됐다

#Drama Lines l 2022-05-30


노범태: 난 다 끝난 줄 알았는데...

Beom-tae: I thought it was all over. 

선호: 니가 우리 연락도 안 받고 그래서.

Seon-ho: You wouldn’t answer our calls, so…

조준욱: 그니까. 너 임마 우리가 몇 번이나 찾아간 거 알지?

Joon-wook: Yeah. You know how many tines we went to see you, right?

강선호: 미안해. 자격이 생겼을 때 당당하게 나타나고 싶었어.

Seon-ho: I’m sorry. I wanted to reappear confidently when I had the right to do so. 

노범태: 그래도 진짜 잘됐다. 진짜 잘됐어. 

Beom-tae: But, I’m still happy for you. I really am. 

Expression of the Week

잘됐다 (happy for you)

잘되다 – v. go well, work well, work out

Casual – 잘됐다

Polite – 잘됐어요

>> This expression is used when you are happy to say that something you wanted went well or when things turned out for the better.

>> If you want to emphasize that happiness a little more, you can add “정말” or “진짜” which both mean “really,” and say “정말 잘됐다” or “진짜 잘됐다”. 

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