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Red Shoes (1) 조심하지

#Drama Lines l 2022-06-06


진아: 엄마 얼굴 왜 그래? 피 나. 

Jin-ah: Mom, what’s wrong with your face? It’s bleeding.

희경: 으응. 엄마 탁자에 부딪쳤어. 

Hee-kyung: Um. I ran into the table. 

진아: 조심하지. 아프겠다. 

Jin-ah: You should have been careful. It looks painful. 

희경: 자, 어서. 

Hee-kyung: Here, hurry.

Expression of the Week

조심하지 (you should have been careful)

조심하다 – v. to be careful in speech, behavior, etc., not to get in trouble

Casual – 조심하지

Polite – 조심하시지 (그랬어요)

>> This expression is used to express regret for not being careful when the other person made a mistake or did something wrong.

>>”~그랬어요” has been omitted from “조심하지 그랬어요” and the ending “~지” is a sentence-final ending used to advise the listener to do something (together). 

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