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Angel’s Last Mission Love (4) 말 다했어?

#Drama Lines l 2022-09-26


연서: 너 지금 나한테 반말했어? 

Yeon-seo: Did you just speak down to me?

단: 너만 하란 법 있어? 

Dan: So you think you can only do it? 

연서: 야 정신 차려. 너 내 고용인이야! 

Yeon-seo: Hey, come to your senses! You’re my employer. 

단: 뭘 알겠어. 고용, 계약, 갑, 을, 이런 것만 따지면서 

이쁜 거 이쁜 지도 모르는 까막눈이잖아 너. 

Dan: What would you know. You only care about employment, contracts, who’s above in the hierarchy. You’re so blind you can’t even tell a pretty thing is pretty. 

연서: 말 다했어? 

Are you done talking?

단: 아니 더 할 거야! 

Dan: No, I have more to say! 

Expression of the Week

말 다했어? (Are you done talking?)

말 – n. speech, words

다하다 – v. achieve, accomplish

Casual – 말 다했어?

>> This expression is mainly used when the speaker is very angry with the someone and responds to that person when he or she says something offensive or hurtful.

>> Situations in which such expressions can be used can be seen as mainly leading to quarrels or arguments.

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