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Angel’s Last Mission Love (5) 얼굴이 반쪽이네

#Drama Lines l 2022-10-03


영자: 얼굴이 반쪽이네. 우리 조카. 

Young-ja: You look so haggard, my poor niece.  

연서: 왜 오셨어요? 뭘 알아보러? 

Yeon-seo: Why are you here? What more do you need to find out? 

영자: 쏘지 마 얘. 당장 여기로 쳐들어오겠다는 사람들 겨우 말려놓고 온 길이니까. 

Young-ja: Don’t snap at me. I just got here after barely stopping people who said they wanted to barge in here.

연서: 원하는 게 뭐예요. 무릎이라도 꿇으래요? 

Yeon-seo: What do they want. Do they want me to kneel before them?  

영자: 그렇게 간단한 거면 좋게? 

Young-ja: If it were that simple? 

Expression of the Week

얼굴이 반쪽이네 (You look so haggard)

얼굴 – n. face

반쪽 – n. half

Casual – 얼굴이 반쪽이네

>> This expression is used to express concern or worry when the other person has lost a lot of weight and looks tired or haggard compared to usual. 

>>”반쪽” means half, but the expression does not mean that the other person’s face has shrunk in half, but an exaggeration of how tired, or sick the other person looks.  

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